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Stone Cleaning & Restoration Services in Windsor

Enviro Clean has a wide range of restorative floor cleaning services, including stone cleaning and restoration. If your bathroom floors look dull or the countertops have stains, contact us to make them spotless again. Whether you have granite, marble, limestone, or travertine, we have got you covered. Utilizing the latest technology with a personal touch, we ensure that your stone floors keep shining with our reliable cleaning services using stone-safe products. Our services are designed to ensure that the floors in your house look great and retain their natural beauty for years to come. With our impressive results, affordable pricing and knowledgeable team of trained technicians, we are proud to be your top choice for stone cleaning services in Windsor and surrounding areas. 

Whether it's marble, granite or any other stone, our team of experienced and trained Windsor stone cleaning technicians can give any stone surface a pristine and shiny look. For result-oriented stone cleaning services in Windsor, get on a call with us.

Stone Care

No matter how expensive the stone on your floor is, it will look dull and unattractive if there is a stain on it. Natural countertops also tend to lose their sheen when abrasive cleaners are applied frequently on them. The only way to protect your investment is by taking care of it. Enviro Clean can help you remove any unwanted stains on your stone surface so that it looks new and beautiful. We use stone-safe products for cleaning. Our cleaning experts can remove anything from common water spots to rings caused by hard water and rust stains. Our stone cleaning services will make your stone surface look glossy and smooth again.

Our cleaning experts are experienced and understand the nature and composition of your stone surfaces. This allows them to choose the right cleaning solution for proper stone care. We do not use chemical-laden cleansers to clean your stone surfaces. Instead, we depend on safe cleaning solutions that do not cause any harm to your health and enhance the life of your stone surface.


Spotless Floors and Worktops

Nothing spells grandeur better than pristine spotless stone floors, kitchen islands and worktops.

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